Productivity functions

Document – auto format and create cover pages, logos, headers & footers

  • Works on existing documents! No need to start with the right template
  • Import a template in an existing document (will apply the styles of the template to the document)
  • Create cover pages with user defined pictures in different layouts
  • Add/choose between different footer and heading types)

Auto format- automatically format all text in your document

  • EasyTools provides an Auto format robot that uses smart logic to bring all texts back to the template styles: all texts, headings, numbered and bulleted lists are consistently formatted and tables are consistently formatted to your house styles.
  • The speed and consistency of the results elevate your work result and save you much time and frustrations.
  • The Auto format robot is so fast you can do it any time and as often as you like: your document will always look clean and consistent.

Pages – apply margins easier and faster than Word’s own functionality

  • Navigate and inspect margin settings per document section
  • Apply settings per section or for the whole document
  • Reuse settings in other documents without re-entering all values

Tables – inspect and format tables (via copy/paste)

  • Navigate the tables in a document to inspect content and layout.
  • Copy the format of a source table to other tables (one at a time or all in one go).
  • Quickly align table(s) to the page width.
  • Quickly remove empty rows (bottom) and columns (right hand side).

Pictures- quickly inspect and set captions

  • Navigate the pictures in a document to inspect content
  • Find pictures without captions
  • Add/Change/Delete captions

Lists – quickly reset manually formatted lists

  • Punctuation of list items tend to be very inconsistent. The End of Line (EOL) function provides punctuation in your preferred style.
  • Linespacing in lists can be set differently from the normal text.
  • As these functions can change a lot of list items, the ‘highlight’ option allows you to check all changes afterwards.
  • Convert to text changes the lists into plain text – often used in contracts

Utilities- an assortment of handy functions

  • Remove picture captions and text shading.
  • Hide/remove unused styles (especially useful on older documents and documents with many contributors).
  • Remove cover pages.
  • Find and fix style orphans – find and fix texts that need the builtin styles ‘normal’, and ‘Headings’ applied.
  • Set line spacing compatible with Excel and display tables as a picture (to allow copying text to Excel)
  • Export selected or all tables to Excel

DeepL integration – for superior translation results

In daily business we often need text translation services and Office365 provides this service out of the box. But the quality is poor and much effort is needed to improve the translated text and this is takes a lot of time and is really hard when you are not a native speaker.

Many professionals turn to DeepL, a German based translation solution that is generally considered to be world-best.

The DeepL desktop app is a good solution for ad-hoc translations (I love the double CTRL C to activate) but the full documentation translation service is only really available to PRO subscribers and still is a black box solution.

EasyTools has integrated the DeepL API for PRO and FREE subscriptions to provide a more flexible solution that works from your document during an edit session and maintains the layout and structure of your document.

You can translate:

  • current document – individual selections and translate the whole document, even without a PRO subscription
  • any other supported format such as PowerPoint or PDF
  • many documents in parallel meaning all documents in a folder are translated in parallel for minimized waiting time