Download & Pricing

License model

EasyTools has a 1 month free trial which you can extend with a 2 month free license give you enough time to discover all benefits it has to offer: saving time and adding quality and insight into your documents.

The 1 month free trial comes out of the box when you install the add-in. Use the contact form to extend the free period with 2 months.

After the free period you can purchase a license:

  • 30 Eur per month
  • 300 Eur per year
  • The year option includes support via mail

EasyTools Word Add-in and this website is owned by:

  • De Boer, Everdingen, The Netherlands

Enjoy EasyTools!

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Download & Installation

EasyTools Word Add-in 2022.11.21.1

A new release with technical updates, many fixes and the DeepL Translator API.

Download the zip file to your local drive and unzip its contents (do not open the zip but really unzip it).

Run setup.exe and confirm to install. Start Word to see the extra ribbon menus.

Note that EasyTools:

  • is built with a personal security certificate
  • does not require administrative rights to install
  • processes all data on your local device
  • does not collect data & does not connect to external servers unless you choose to do so such as using DeepL services

In corporate settings it may be that a personal certificate or installation of software is not permitted.

Most common installation problems are described in the Installation manual.