Work smarter on documents

It is common to create a template with font, format and other style elements before starting work on a document.

The reason is that doing this afterwards, especially when working with multiple authors, is a lot a work. The problem with this is that is unnecessarily delays getting to work on the content. Instead effort is spent on the tedious task of creating a template layout first, then instructing the authors how to use it.

It gets worse when you use content from other sources that are based on different templates or when you have to produce more than one document.

EasyTools can do it smarter and delivers these benefits:

  1. Work on content immediately without worrying about a template
  2. Gain consistency from the automatic formatting of text
  3. Save time which you can spend on the quality of the text

Add a template to any existing document and automatically format all content

On an average business laptop (Intel i5, Ryzen 5) adding the template takes 10-15 seconds and automatic formatting can process between 5-20 pages a minute depending on the complexity of the document.

So how does this work?

It only takes a handful of mouse clicks! Go to the Productivity menu and choose Documents in the Layout group.

  1. Click the Choose a Word template link and select your (corporate) template which is a .dot, dotx or .dotm file. Click the Template button and EasyTools will import the template and load the styles and other format elements from the template file.

Once the template is loaded, the color of the Heading styles can be set with the Theme color option (click the Properties button to set the theme color).

  1. Set the Auto format options. Options High and Very high will link all formatted text to a style and all list styles will follow the Theme color option.
  1. Finally, click the Auto format button. EasyTools will use the set template and inspect all text in the document and set the formatting.

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