Boosting your productivity with EasyTools

EasyTools makes Word easy.  Save yourself many hours a week with automatic formatting and smart analytics. User settings are remembered to make repetition even faster.

Work smart, not hard! Work with EasyTools – Word made easy!

EasyTools is an add-in to MS Word (VSTO)

EasyTools is designed to automate a series of tasks that – when manually performed – require expert level skills and take lots of time. A big effort is made to get it as foolproof and safe as possible.

After installation the Productivity and Analytics menus are available and the 30 day trial period begins. During the trial period the full functionality is available. Functions work on selections or the whole document.

EasyTools is multithreaded meaning it gives you a real progress bar and tasks can be interrupted and cancelled.

Actions can be undone in the familiar Word way (‘undo’ or CTRL+Z). Tests are run on 400+ page document to test and improve stability.

EasyTools is built and tested on Office 2013, 2016 and Office365 on Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit. Use the trial period to verify compatibility with your device’s Windows and Office version and corporate policies.